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Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

At Soap de Villa we provide high quality products that are inexpensive and do not harm our pristine Earth. When you use our soap, you not only enjoy its benefits but you also help to preserve the environment.  

We use the following steps to help create sustainable practices and products:


  • Installed a 1KW Solar Electricity and Hot Water System so that more than 70% of energy consumed comes from the sun.
  • Installed energy saving light bulbs throughout the office
  • Turned off power points to reduce "standby” power usage
  • Installed insulation in our roof, walls and underfloor to control the temperature in the office which makes heating/cooling more efficient
  • In summer and winter, we reduce/rise the temperature of the air conditioner and heater by 1°C
  • Install tap aerators in all our taps to reduce water usage and costs 
  • Use double side printing for office memos and notes rather than high grade, single sided printing
  • We partner with a local business to source off their waste paper, for use as packaging. Therefore reducing the need to purchase more paper and sub consequently reducing the need to cut down more trees.
  • Before purchasing any new items, we consider if any existing items could perform the same function 
  • All decorations on our products can be reused
  • Shred our waste office paper 
  • Ask around first to see if there is anyone could find use of unwanted office furniture 
  • Use FSC approved paper and make sure that our packaging paper can be recycled
Australian Made & Owned
In our Products we will:
Our production of soap is handmade on the North Coast of NSW, with our business located in Sydney.
  • We only use fresh Goat's milk, not powder
  • We choose natural essential oils, fragrances or colourings in our products 
Soap de Villa also partners with a local church and provides financial support for their orphanage program. Read More Here. 
in 2016-2017 we were one of the Community Coach for Max Potential program.  Max Potential is a leadership development program that connects emerging young leaders (aged 16 – 23 years old) with local community and business leaders, who receive professional coach training.

The program runs over five months with one-on-one coaching, experiential workshops and a focus on delivering innovative community service projects to make a difference locally.
in 2019 we also provide business mentoring service to Angkor Flower & Crafts

A Sydney based social enterprise business, Angkor Flower & Crafts that helps improve quality of lives of refugee and migrant women through offering training in floristry, business skills and employment ready program. 




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