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Q & A

1.  Why Goats Milk Soap?

Many of the commercial made soaps and cleansers:  sodium lauryl sulfate This ingredient helps the soap to create a great lather, but it also strips the skin of the natural oils, leaving your skin dry and irritated. If your skin has ever felt tight, dry and itchy after washing, sodium lauryl sulfate might be to blame. 

The best goat milk soap is one that contains no more than three ingredients: 

  1. goat milk
  2. nourishing oils (coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil)
  3. essential oil (for fragrance or health benefits 

2.   Benefits of using Goats Milk Soap

   *Cleans gently without causing excessive dryness

   *Goat milk is packed with vitamins, such as A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, etc. and minerals, such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium and all these are needed not just for our body but are also important for our skin. 

   *Helps to Relieve irritation and inflammation of the skin

   *Maintains pH balance of the skin

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body.  Is it about time that we need to look after it?


3.  How Long does Goats Milk Soap Last?

Here is a Video link that explain what you can do to allow the soap last longer!


4. Where are your Goats Milk Soap made from?

Our soaps are made in Australia and we are one of the licencee with "Australia Made & Owned" logo, since 2013.  The best way to find these Australian goods is by looking for the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo – the green triangle with a golden kangaroo. The logo shows you that the product is made or grown here. It also often tells you if a company is Australian owned.

It's a registered certification trade mark, with a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with AMCL and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the logo.  You can find more information on



5.  How much is the delivery fee and what area do you deliver to?

We offer our customers free delivery to anywhere in Australia and we currently use Australia Post service, to ensure that we can cover Australia wide.

For those customers who are in oversea but still would love to purchase our soap, please send us a email, let us know what product you would like to purchase and what county you are, we will then obtain a quote for you.  Our email is

6.  Do you offer discount for bulk purchase?

Of course!  As the matter of fact, you can see from,  we offer discount when you purchase 10 bars of soap or more.

7.  I have a business and want to have your product in my shop, what do I need to do?

Great!  Our customers always ask us where to buy our soap besides online so we welcome wholesale inquire.  Please go to and fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you within 72 hours.

8.  Do you offer return/refund/exchange?

Due to public health issues, we do not accept any return of our product.   However, if you are not happy with our product, please contact us first to discuss.  You can reach us on