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About Us






Ever since I can remember, I've been dealing with pesky allergies, and eczema has been a constant companion in my life. It's like I was allergic to everything I ate and everything I touched.

In the past, I resorted to using those body soaps you find in stores, but it came at a cost. After a shower, I'd have to layer on moisturizer to keep the itching at bay. Sleepless nights were all too common if I skipped this routine.

Finding products that wouldn't trigger my allergies was a frustrating, years-long search.

Then, a little miracle happened. I was introduced to the wonders of goat's milk soap, and it changed everything. I started wondering, could I maybe even turn them into a business?  Not quite sure which way to go, I turned to prayer and sought guidance from my strong Christian faith, which forms the bedrock of all my life decisions. Combining this with my background as a Home and Small Business Sustainability Assessor, Soap de Villa was born.

At Soap de Villa, we're all about crafting Australian, handmade goat's milk soap that's a blessing for your skin and our planet. Our products are free of harsh chemicals, making them not only safe for you but also for Mother Earth.

We take pride in using fresh goat's milk, not some powdered substitute, and you can delve deeper into our commitment to sustainability in our Sustainability Policy.

We're thrilled to be approved to use the "Australian Made and Owned" logo, a testament to our unwavering dedication to local craftsmanship and quality.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging, which is either recyclable or designed for a second life.

But Soap de Villa isn't just about soaps; it's about giving back and helping others. Check out our Community Projects page to see how we're making a positive difference.

At Soap de Villa, we're incredibly passionate about our products, and we're beaming with pride about the sustainability and quality we offer you to enjoy.

A beautiful life starts with beautiful skin, so we invite you to indulge in the Soap de Villa experience!

- Rebecca