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That was not the word I would associated myself with when I was      younger.  Growing up, I did not have many girl friends, instead, I        found myself playing with boys and learning to adapt to be part of      them.  Yes, I was a "tomboy", wearing long pants, climbing trees        and walls, catching insects and break their legs!

Until one day Grandma took me to visit someone and for the first    time in my life, I saw a pure white girl's bedroom.  It has a bed with lacy net over the bed, with dolls house and white bedroom setting where every little girl dream of!  I look down at my dark color long pants that I was wearing at that time and all of sudden, I did not feel beautiful!  Right there I said to myself - "When I grow up, I want to make sure that I look and feel beautiful!"  

On the top of that, ever since I can remember, I have suffered from allergies including eczema. I was allergic to certain things that I ate and things that I touched.   


In the past, I would use commercially made body soap, and then had to apply tonnes of moisturizer on my skin. If I didn't, I would be up all night scratching like a monkey and I would not be able to sleep. 

For many years, I found it hard to find products that I could use and enjoy, without causing any reactions.   

So when I was first introduced to Goats Milk Soap and found that it worked for me and my allergies, I thought to myself, Could I produce my own soaps and turn it into a Business?   

Unsure of what to do, I asked God for direction.  Prayer and devotion to my Christian faith is a strong foundation for all my decision making and everyday lifestyle choices. This, combined with my background and knowledge as Home and Small Business Sustainability Assessor, Soap de Villa was born. 

At Soap de Villa, we provide Australian, handmade Goats Milk Soap that is good for the earth and good for your skin, and make your life beautiful at the same time.     Because there are no chemicals in our soap, it is safe for our Earth. Our products are handmade, using fresh Goats milk, not powder. You can read more about this in our Sustainability Policy.  

We have also been approved to use the "Australian Made and Owned" logo. 

Most of our packaging is either recyclable or reusable. We use FSC approved paper and the decorations can be reused on other items. 

We also recognize the importance of giving back and helping others which you can see through our Community Projects page.  

At Soap de Villa, we are extremely passionate about our products and are proud to produce such sustainable and quality products for you to enjoy. 

Beautiful life starts with beautiful skin, so enjoy!


- Rebecca