5 Useful Things You Can Give to Your Community

8th Apr 2018

Caring for the society comes in many forms. Starting with the community, you can show your care for your neighbourhood (including your friendly neighbours) by giving donations. Monetary donations may be the most common and useful kind, but there are other things aside from cash that could help improve your community and make everybody that’s part of it happy.

Making your trash somebody else’s treasure and sharing with others something that you create with love and hard work are truly inspiring. Here are 5 useful things that you can donate to your community:

DIY/Homemade Goods

Do you love to bake or cook and make DIY craft projects? Your products make great contributions to your community. You can donate them to your local charities, give them for free during community fairs, or distribute them as souvenirs when there are meetings or gatherings.

Old Clothes and Blankets

Don’t let those old clothes, blankets, and other items just sit unforgotten in your stock room. Gather them and organize a drive where other people from your neighbourhood can get them for free! Other families from the area can also join and bring their old stuff in. Another option is to give them to a charity centre or any organisation that can distribute these things to people in need.

Pre-loved Books

Spread the love of reading and learning in your community by donating some of your pre-loved books. They could be a good addition to your local library. Perhaps you also have neighbours who teach kids or hold reading sessions regularly? Then they’ll most likely find your old books very useful.

Not-so-old Computers/Gadgets

Do you have an old working computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other gadget that you no longer use? Someone might be in need of one. You can check with the community government or local organisations if they have programs or drives where they accept these gadgets and donate them to other members of the community.

Plants and Seeds

Maintaining a clean, healthy, and beautiful environment is another way of showing that you care for your community. Why not donate plants or seeds (vegetables, flowers, etc.) to your local government or environmental groups from your area? These will not only promote clean air and sustainable living, but also make your community look fresh and inviting.

You can make a difference in your community in your own little way. Start donating any or all of the five things we mentioned and make your community a much better and happier place!