5 Ways to Make Your Mum Feel Special

23rd Apr 2018

She’s the best, most beautiful, most selfless, smartest, most patient, and kindest! We’ll never run out of superlatives to describe mothers. From carrying a baby in the womb and giving birth to nurturing, teaching, and guiding their children so they’ll have a healthy, happy, and beautiful life, mothers are truly amazing, powerful, and special.

There’s nothing more fitting than saying that our mothers are a big blessing and they absolutely deserve to be celebrated and pampered. Here are some ways to make your mum feel special at any given time of the day:

1. Lend Her a Helping Hand

Mums have a long list of things to do – cooking and preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, playtime with kids and helping them with homework, and others. You can jump in and help her out with daily chores. Let her worry less and relax even for a few hours.

2. Spend Quality Time with Her

Are you too busy with work or school that you no longer spend time with your mum? She misses you, for sure! Why not schedule a time with her and be sure to make it count. Take her out for lunch or dinner, invite her to see a play or movie, or simply stroll and have a picnic in the park with her. Any activity with you would mean a lot to her.

3. Confide in Her/Make her Feel She’s Needed

As you grow older, you become more independent and probably need less help from your mother. To make your mum feel special, make sure she knows that you still need her and let her know that her help and opinion matter. Confide in her, share an important news with her, and let her put her two cents in a decision you have to make.

4. Compliment Her

Show your mum that she is special and that you appreciate her by giving her compliments and praising her for everything she does for you and the whole family. Tell her that she is beautiful inside and out, strong, and inspiring. Add that she looks young! You can also leave a note telling her that the food she cooked is delicious. Text her when you see a photo she posted online and tell her that you think her dress, hair, and make-up were stunning!

5. Throw a Party for Her

Is your mum the type of person who loves surprises? Most people are probably okay with such gimmick, anyway, because it somehow makes you feel important and special. Why not throw a surprise party for your mum on Mother’s Day or her birthday? It doesn’t have to be grand. Even a simple surprise get-together with the family and her closest friends will make her feel that she is the most special and important person in the world. Complete the party with balloons and decors and her favourite foods. It would be a bonus if you also shower her with gifts that can make her feel even more special.

It’s your turn to give back and make your mum feel special. No matter how big or small your gesture is, it will surely be appreciated. These are just a few of the many expressions of love that you can do for her. Start now and bring happiness to that very special woman in your life you call mum!