Different Activities That Promote Unity in Your Community

15th Apr 2018

Culture, race, gender, and economic status are just some of the factors that make any community diverse. But despite diversity, each individual with his own unique talents, skills, and resources can unite and collaborate with others to make their community a better place for everyone.

Because “community” cannot be spelled without “unity,” connecting, building good relationships, and working together with other community members should be encouraged. Here are a few activities that you can all participate in and do together to promote unity:

Food and Crafts Fair

Promoting unity in the community through food and the arts is a brilliant idea! Organize or be part of a fair showcasing the delicacies in your area and food specialties of the finest home chefs and bakers in the community. A BBQ cook-off or a hotdog eating contest could be exciting. Everyone will likely enjoy booths of various crafts and DIY or homemade products such as soaps and candles too. There could also be an art contest for kids or a collective exhibition of artworks by local artists at the fair.

Sports Festival

A weekend of friendly, healthy competition with loads of fun can bring the whole community together. So why not hold a regular community Olympics, where families can join different sports events and win not only trophies, but also friends? Whether it’s relay race, basketball, duathlon, or any other type of sport or physical activity, it will surely encourage unity.

Holiday Socials

Holidays, turning of seasons, and important events should be celebrated. And celebrating with families and friends from the neighbourhood makes them more special. Your town or community hall could be witness to memorable galas, kids’ talent shows, and Christmas presentations. Everyone can also gather at the park to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve, enjoy outdoor film showings during Spring break, or listen to different bands during Memorial or Independence Day music festival.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Activities that have to do with environmental awareness, conservation, and protection are also a great way of uniting members of the community. Everyone can join tree planting, beach or river clean-up, farming, and recycling activities. These are not only good for the environment. They are also good for every resident of the community.

Community Enhancement Projects

Having a good and beautiful community is in your hands. This is why projects that can enhance the various places and structures in the community are always welcome. Residents can collaborate in painting park benches and museum fences, work together to rehabilitate a run-down playground, or join forces to install solar-powered lamps on the streets.

Unity in the community should be valued, promoted, and maintained. When everyone works together for a common goal, then that goal will be easier to achieve. Be one with your neighbours through these activities and start building a happy and prosperous communit